Executive Summary

Royal Victoria

Royal Victoria Development is a fully proclaimed town of 316 hectare situated in a magnificent game reserve within 1500 hectare all ownedby Dr. Walter ward. The town is fully proclaimed (Proclation reference in Government Gazette Vol. 233, 28 December 1989, no. 4653), and consists of 850 free hold stands, 562 planned apartments, 2 planned 5 star Hotels, a variety of upmarket restaurants and a large retail area where shops will be built, to create a beautiful, upmarket, luxurious resort that is unique to the area to serve mainly international tourist.

The development is situated 2 hours from Johannesburg (OR Tambo Airport) in the Waterberg of Limpopo, and 1 hour 20 minutes from the Polokwane International Airport, and envisisaged to be the centre of Africa’s Business Hub with the support from the Africa Union who have shown strong interest in making this secure Development their base and the centre of The Africa Economic Platform which will be an international trading platform for the African continent to trade effectively with each other and also international trading partners. Sixty hectare of land has been set aside to build this highly world first integrated trading platform to include all African countries and their international trading partners.

The town will provide 4000 much needed jobs for the local community with relevant skills training and development opportunities. The development will benefit the local population by creating jobs, increasing tourism and having such an upmarket development in the area the development will upgrade the economic value and tourist activity of the entire area which will have a huge positive benefit on increased business. Skills training will be provided on a large scale.

The development has a pure mineral water source for the use of the town from an underground river source. 1,6m litres of pure mineral water can be pumped per day for the use of the town. This 17 000 year old pure mineral water has been tested on 4 occasions and found to not contain a single bacteria or any contamination. This valuable source of healthy water will supply the town and a green recycling system has been planned to make sure used water is not wasted but utilised sparingly for irrigation and waste systems.

The entire development have been planned and laid out and is positively supported by Local Government and on a Ministerial level. Roads have been laid out, stands pegged and two electrical substations installed. Service level agreements with local government have been signed and secured in writing, with support from a Ministerial level. The town plans, fully approved by government, has been laid out with inspriration from the Victorian era of luxury with a collaboration of authentic art, style and fabrics from artists from the different countries of the African continent. The town will have a plein that is five times the size of Nelson Mandela Sqare (Sandton City) and will host international eventing and entertainment on a weekly basis, creating a huge influx of international tourism.

The municipal value of the stands as given by Modimolle Municipality is currently R450 000 per stand. ABSA valued the same stands at R750 000 to R810 000 whist they were selling them for R1,5m a stand. The total value of stands on the development is of over 800 stands is R360m. All the title deeds are availalble including the title deed for the entire proclaimed town. The Residual Land Value of the town is R402m valued by Bunger and Associates. Deloittes value the town at approximately R2b presently. Ferrer Hayem and Associates (Wits University and Advisor to the Minister of Housing) also value The Development at approximately R2b. (Net Present Development Value – on a 65 page document available).

A Home Owner’s Association has been established to govern the town by it’s owners independent from Local Government. A site establishment with business rights has been purchased with business rights for a brick factory, which will supply building material for the building of the town, and provide all the services for the town. The roads around the development and the main road to the entrance are already currently in the process of being upgraded to secure high standards of safe and easy access to the Royal Victoria town, as per instruction by the late Minister, Collins Chabane.

The private Game Reserve is around the town, and well established with roads, dams and stocked with a variety of game nested in a vast unbushed land and forrests of Boekenhout trees and other indigenous plant species. The area also has a magnificient variety of bird species with over 184 different species being spotted in 2 hours by the Birding Society of South Africa. The development still has buildings of historical significance including Milner house (fully refurbished) which was the orignal home of Lord Milner in the 1800th Centuary. Next to it is a beautiful church and conference centre as well as heli landing pad.

 The town has a full Record of Descision and a complete approved Environmental Impact Study. The Department of Land and Rural Affairs have confirmed that there are no land claims and due of it’s historical record of ownership the land is not at risk of such claims by any party. Other than the exciting plans of this magnificent development, the site has rich mineral resources including large deposits of coal, uranium and vitrinite.

Other than the huge tourist value of the entire development, The Business Centre where the Africa Economic Trading Platform will be based, has huge strategic value for the governments of Africa as a central trading platform coupled with a uniform business constitution adopted by the Africa countries which are at present at a huge disatvantage in trading with other continents/ countries especially China.

The total investment amount required for the development will be approximately R20b with an ROI of 40.25% conservatively, and will take 7 – 10 years to complete depending on the phasing of construction. The ROI is 40.25%.

All agreements and final communication regarding this project to be constructed and approved by Dr. Ward’s office in writing. Please see contact details below.


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