An Introduction to the Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate

Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate Offers You the Supreme Events and Leisure Destination in Africa.

With alluring landscapes and geographical wonders, a World Heritage Site applicant, the resort town provides idyllic facilities, features and settings for weddings, events, conferences, launches, receptions, parties, game viewing, or just soaking up the surroundings and simply escaping into the luxurious Victorian splendor with the one you love…

Royal Victoria will be the beacon in the world of Corporate Philanthropy, a Global Leader in Eco Tourism, Green Peace, Energy Conservation, CO2 Reduction and Corporate Social Investment Initiatives at the core of its sound and unique financial disciplines, engineered to revolutionize and add value to Economic Development policies in Southern Africa.

Orange Financial Holdings, the developer’s holding company, has a competitive edge over other developers as a direct result of the ownership of Orange Insurance Limited and a unique and revolutionary structured finance model. The development company has secured a further competitive edge on the continent of Africa through its partnerships and associations with world leading brands, which includes conferencing, restaurants, spas, leisure operators, hotels, banks and retail outlets, to secure your…experience of a lifetime.

“Nature…idyllic climate…bird and game life in its multitudes, all in harmonious balance with its people…the Mighty Waterberg…The Glorious and Super Luxurious Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate urges you to rediscover the true art of living.”

The most unique feature of this development is the evolution of a town built around a J-shaped town piazza / square, as in historic Victorian times. The heartbeat of this destination would be its piazza, and it is here where the glorious lifestyle of the Grand Victorian Era beckons you to relax, rediscover, revive and relive the grandeur of yesteryear. The cobbled town square is a traffic-free zone, where residents and visitors may experience this architectural wonder and enjoy a lifestyle similar to that of the continent of Europe. The architectural influences are evident through combining the subtlety of English, French, Spanish and Italian vernacular.

Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate is set in the heart of a sub-tropical climate that refreshes you and its floral air energizes you. The natural beauty of the Mighty Waterberg revitalizes your every sense.

We invite you to explore and discover a new dimension of a lifestyle. Experience true family vacations where your only challenge will be ‘what’s on my itinerary today’. The functional and elaborate features and facilities of Royal Victoria Estate awaits, and awakens you to bask in the sunshine under African skies, as the orange glow of sunset mesmerizes you in a unique sunset experience from Town Square, a pool or a sky pub…and each day the sun always rises to a new experience at Royal Victoria Resort.

Set in the heart of the picturesque and natural beauty of the Waterberg, not only the warmth of the climate, but also the warm-hearted nature and hospitality of South Africans attracts you and secures Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate as your ‘Global Destination of Choice’.