Lleweni Game Farm

“Place of Peace”…Lleweni…“Place where animals sleep”

Lleweni, the private game farm on which the Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate resides, has a rich history and heritage. Lleweni is a Zulu word that fittingly means ‘place of peace’ or ‘place where animals sleep’.

The farm was previously known as The Farm Driefontein. In the late 1800s Lord Alfred Milner, the British High Commissioner, built a school on this acreage. The house was to be home to the headmaster of the first school in the Northern Province. Today, the Milner residence is fully restored – using the same materials that it was built with originally, including mud and cow dung. Lord Milner’s house is used as a private dwelling today.

17 000 Year Old Water

Lleweni has a wealth of history and archaeology embedded on the farm, and one of those reasons are as a result of Lord Milner’s influence through his diplomatic appointment in South Africa and his life in this Province.

A slave bell can still be seen in front of the house. Slavery was abolished in South Africa in the mid-1800s, and the bell should be viewed as a monument to and reminder of the victory of humanity over incivility. The old church on the premises was also fully reconstructed, using the ruins of the foundations as guidelines. Lleweni Game Farm also has one of only four peat spring sites in South Africa, known as the Wonderkrater. The Wonderkrater is a large peat mound formed by an artesian spring, which is 1 800 million years old. The water within the mound derives from deeply circulating ground water that fell as rain about 17 000 years ago.

Lleweni…Spring Water

The other source of water on the ranch is a borehole that taps straight into the Zebediela vein, rendering up to 24 000 liters of pure earth juice per hour. The warm water is rich in fluoride and can be drunk on-site.

Recent archaeological studies and excavations conducted by world renowned universities in South Africa, have found some Stone and Iron Age implements at Lleweni, dating back thousands of years and indicating that humans occupied the region far earlier than originally thought.

Lleweni….Pioneering into History

Lleweni, will go down in History once again as the “Place of Peace” where the pioneering spirit and creative genius of the owner and developer Dr. Walter Ward masterminded Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate. A place of peace and tranquility in the graceful heartland of the majestic Waterberg, in harmony with nature and wildlife, was the perfect catalyst to his creativity. The Ward family heritage which is grounded in principles, continues to leave a Legacy for generations to come.