Partnerët tanë

List of Partners

The Development Company and its Directors have ensured that a Professional Team be selected and contracted to achieve the construction objectives of the Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate Development, meeting all the requirements of this highly complex project.

This development, in many respects, will be the benchmark for future modern developments utilizing all the latest technological advancements, including the highly Integrated Distribution and Sales Network via an interactive and fully integrated web site, entirely unique in its approach.

Highlighted below are an ensemble of professionals under the strategic management of Orange Financial Holdings Limited to achieve this great feat.


  • Architects

    Spatial Architects
  • Card Solution Provider

    Australis Financial Services
  • Conveyance

    Dykes van Heerden
  • Hotelier

    Grand Heritage International
  • Housekeeping & Security

    Prestige Group
  • Insurance

    Orange Sigurimeve Kufizuar
  • Interior Designers

    Lula Concepts
    Sublime Interiors
  • IT

    Art of Logic
  • Marketing & Web Design

  • Quantity Surveying

    Ferrer Hayim
  • Restaurant Design

    Manas & Associates
  • Sales – Global

    City Square Training
  • Sales – Local

    XS Sure