In the late 1800s they did – and built – things quite differently. Vast consideration was given to detail, building materials, style and craftsmanship. Royal Victoria will be no different. The public buildings are to be erected and adorned with typical style elements of the time, maintaining a deep awareness of the African environs.The same will apply to the houses, townhouses and apartments to be constructed. Stili Victorian nuk përmbahet recetat ngurtë, pasi ajo i referohet një epokë shtatëdhjetë vjeçare në histori (1825 - 1900, edhe pse era është emëruar pas mbretëreshës Viktoria, që mbretëronte në mes të 1837 and 1901).The theme of Royal Victoria Estate was influenced by one determining factor “The British High Commissioner, Lord Milner’s” house, a heritage site on the estate restored to its previous splendor. The “Ward Family Heritage” is a true commitment to a lifestyle reflecting its principles and more importantly the generational succession of the Ward Heritage.
The Architectural Design Philosophy and Vernacular are hence grounded in the Georgian/Victorian Era. The colonial influences of specifically the Victorian Era (British Empire) are clearly evident in the history of South African architecture in the late 1800’s. Royal Victoria Estate depicts this Era in all its Victorian Grace and Glory. All the buildings in the development are to be adorned with typical style elements reflecting the Era, whilst maintaining a deep awareness of the South African cultural lifestyle.Victorian dwellings have a great deal of embellishment, with variations within each different interpretation of the era’s architecture. One distinct Victorian characteristic is the abundance of expansion such as wraparound porches with profuse carvings, generous bay windows – and some even with diminutive towers and turrets. There are steep roofs, often sporting many angles with odd shapes highlighted by stained glass windows, punime guri, fancy shingles and iron railings. Atributi më i rëndësishëm, megjithatë, është aplikimi i një imagjinate kapriçioz. Ideally each abode was designed to evoke childhood memories – those of fairytale fantasy and whimsy, playfulness, nature, adventure and exploration….Royal Victoria’s accomplishment.Victorianism is a timeless concept, Royal Victoria’s creativity through variations – are captured with contrasting designs, facades and colors wisely co-ordinated throughout the development, captivating and capturing the uniqueness of an era now embedded in Southern Africa.