Victorian & Georgian Era

على الطراز الفيكتوري لا تلتزم وصفات جامدة, لأنه يشير إلى حقبة سبعين سنة في التاريخ (1825 - 1900, على الرغم من أن عصر يدعى بعد الملكة فيكتوريا, الذي حكم بين 1837 and 1901).

One specific Victorian characteristic is the abundance of expansion such as wraparound porches with profuse carvings, generous bay windows – and some even with diminutive towers and turrets. Also a steep roof, often sporting many angles, and with an odd shape, often highlights stained glass windows, الحجارة, fancy shingles, and iron railings. السمة الأكثر أهمية, however, هو تطبيق الخيال متقلبة. Ideally your abode must evoke childhood memories – those of fantasy and whimsy, playfulness and exploration…This could be accomplished through ornamentation and color schemes, shape and composition.