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Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate is the ideal investment opportunity for both Local and International Investors. This is the most competitively priced 7-Star Share-Block Ownership development for Local and International Investors. The International Buyer has access the International Exchange Program, for affiliate resorts and leisure destinations globally, in a softer currency i.e. the South African Rand (ZAR). At current global currency exchange rates, the Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate offering is becoming increasingly cheaper and more attractive.

Whilst residential and commercial property markets and investments are stagnating and in some cases even depreciating, the leisure property investment market is experiencing a boom, and economists predict that this current trend will maintain its pace to well after the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Apart from the 2010 Soccer World Cup and beyond, there is an increasing demand in the leisure property market for Leisure Estates. These developments not only offer accommodation but also cater for relaxation and sporting activities such as golf, fly-fishing, diving, the Big Five Game Safaris etc. or Coastal Resorts with associated water-sporting attractions in general. For many of these developments, their selling proposition is around one or a few of the above mentioned propositions.

The Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate Development has a very broad and unique selling proposition, combining most of these elements in a single packaged offering and the most notable element of all, is its most attractive Investment Opportunity.

The Royal Victoria Lifestyle Investment Opportunity

According to Key Annual Forecast and the Latest Market analysis; economically South Africa will have a very small growth in all areas of investment. This obvious question is “Why invest now?” To quote Warren Buffet; ‘…the best time to invest is in a recession…’ The current economic climate will last for approximately two years. In 2010 and the years following, South Africa will see an economic growth and investors will see their investment reach phenomenal capital growth, previously unheard of.

The unique opportunity for investment at Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate is that your investment is supported and endorsed by reputable Global Brands. Your investment in this “Share Block Ownership” Scheme will ensure great return on investment for a minimum financial investment from R 95,000.00. The investment is supported by a Capital and Performance Guarantee from Orange Insurance Limited.

You can invest online or finance your investment by way of a number of finance options available through this website.

The purchase of your share is coupled with a Capital Guarantee that protects your investment; a Performance Guarantee that ensures your property will be constructed according to the stipulated Architectural Guidelines and Specifications document.