Royal Academy Adventure Park

Welcome to the Royal Academy Adventure Park, a 5-Hectare Children, Teenager and Family Recreational Adventure Park, designed to usher in a new era of outdoor, leisure and edutainment experiences.

The Park is designed with an underlying educational function incorporating Conservation, Life Skill development and Gross Motor Skill co-ordination.

The landscape elements of the Park will incorporate waterfalls, cascades, rapids, estuaries, wetlands, islands, caves, terraced areas and bushveld terrain. The construction of the Park will adhere to strict Conservation ethics, set in a prime example of how developments of this nature can blend harmoniously into existing environment.

In essence, what we will be endeavouring to do is to create a beautiful environment which will form the base of the Royal Adventure Academy, and the activity pursuits and programme will make this Park unique worldwide.

Many of the pursuits and activities designed to activate the Park will be built in to the design and construction of the Park itself, but an equally large portion of edutainment activities and pursuits will be activated in the surrounding bush environment, where participants can experience the real thing.

Primarily, the Park will fulfill three objectives:

  1. A beautiful leisure and recreational area to service the owners and guests of The Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate
  2. To attract School Concessions where children and teenagers will be put through the Junior and Senior Adventure Academy
  3. To facilitate Corporate Team Building Excursions with a totally original approach and a fresh selection of activities

The layout of the Park is to be designed with the following criteria:

  1. General recreational space for family and children
  2. Private recreational space for adults wishing to find a little seclusion outside of the activity areas
  3. “Chill-out area” for teenagers, who do not wish to be seen as children and are seeking their own space to meet their peers

At the outset, the design concept is geared towards school concessions and team building activities, which are the real revenue generating aspects to the development. The facility of the Park will be available to the Royal Victoria Fractional Title Owners as part and parcel of the package they receive when investing in the Project.

Activities structured in and around the Park environment will, in broad terms, include adventure pursuits, educational pursuits, sports activities entertainment, life skills and gross motor skills development programmes. The programmes concerning life skills developments will be developed enlisting the expertise of child and life skill psychologists, so that all of the programmes have a meaningful outcome objective.

The Conservation elements will not only be related to nature but will also be focused on teaching children the reason for respecting their own well being in areas of mental and physical health. If one had to compare this concept with the television show ‘Survivor’, what our objectives are is to create the idyllic island environment where children, teenagers and team building participants are stationed and instead of them having to survive extreme harsh conditions, they are taught to survive in a competitive game format that could well be attractive to television screening.

Given the pre-designed pursuit and sport elements within the Park and the vast tracts of bush within our immediate surround, it will be easy for us to scale up or down the intensity of the pursuit challenges, thus allowing us to tailor make the pursuits for our three prime target audiences i.e. children, teenagers and team building participants.

Because of the environmental, education and edutainment elements, we believe that the Royal Victoria team will be able to attract lucrative sponsorship from Companies such as Sasol, Sappi, Rand Water, Anglo American etc… Some of the sponsorships will be involved in environmental pursuit elements that are fixed assets to the Park and others will be in relation to Companies sponsoring children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in the Adventure Academy Programme.


  • To create the most unique Life Skill Academy in the world
  • To transfer Life Skill abilities to participants through an unforgettable process of edutainment
  • To provide the opportunity for children to express themselves individually and collectively and engage in safe and supervised adventure pursuits designed to enhance their self confidence and self belief
  • To create a wholesome family environment where parents can engage with their children in a fun and relaxed environment

Target Radius:

The target radius of a Theme/Adventure Park of this nature is defined by IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) which is a destination that a family can travel to and from in the duration of one day.


An interactive Website allowing a virtual experience of The Royal Victoria Adventure Academy.