çuditshëm, old-world Theatre House and Cinema on the Square is a delightful venue for wonderful entertainment.

A carnival atmosphere will be prevalent each week at Royal Victoria on the Square, the Theatre, and in the Cafés and Lounges.

For staged productions, from stand-up Comedy and Musicals, to Ballet and Pantomimes, the Theatre on the Square will entice you to the more sophisticated side of this amazing resort – the Royal Theatre on the Square.

A multi-functional and ‘state of the art’ theatre for the ‘performing arts’ will be quipped to facilitate all theatre events including the more elaborate events delegates – a theatre styled Corporate Events and Function Room. The theatre will be equipped with reception rooms, restaurant and pubs always creating an ambience to surround theatre goers with musical talent and shows to entertain you with African Musical frenzy – including Marimba Bands, African Dancers. Receptions with Tenors busking to a dinner and a Jazz Quartet providing the music of the night, all planned for your pleasure prior to you settling into the comfort of the Theatre for another dazzling show and event that will leave guests breathless.