Town Hall

town-hallAdjoining the facilities of the Grande Royale Hotel will be the ornate and classically styled Town Hall in all its historic splendor. The Ballroom of the Town Hall will accommodate 1 000 seats (theatre style seating). This facility will be capable of facilitating 500 guests in the opulence of a banquet. An International Hotelier will ensure that every need and palatable desire is catered for.The vastness, grandeur and attention to aesthetic appeal and detail are all elements in recreating the royal, stately opulence as ladies and gentlemen graced the dance floor, or just socialized in their town hall….a place of pride and a sense of accomplishment….History recreated and relived at Royal Victoria Estate.Combining this facility with the seamless automated and worldwide integrated technological electronic systems, the town hall will etch its place in many hearts as every event becomes an experience of a life time.