Town Square

Enter the Town Square where the glorious lifestyle of the grand Victorian Era beckons you to relax, rediscover and relive the grandeur of yesteryear. This is the central hub of the town where people gather under the watchful eye of the Town Crier, who often addresses the citizens from his podium on the Speaker’s Corner.

Buy your morning newspaper at the Grand Station Kiosk then settle down for a royal breakfast at one of the quaint restaurants that informally spill out onto the Square with colorful umbrellas offering you reprieve from the morning sun.

The aroma of roasted coffee beans and freshly-baked bread is ever present and a fine selection of gastronomic delights are available from the Victorian Deli, which is located between the Town Bakery and Wilfred Cox & Sons General Dealer’s Store established in 1856, one of the oldest traders on the Square.

Windsor Square

Victorianism, London and Limpopo have given birth to another “wonder”, Royal Victoria’s Town Square. With its embedded history combined with a Historical Era and the Prominent Global City of London (United Kingdom), Windsor and Hyde Park’s strategic landmarks have been given a 7* Resort Location in which to thrive and bask in prominence once again, only this time it happens to be in the Mighty Waterberg of South Africa – Windsor Square in the heart of Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate.

On the hour, the chime of the old church bell rings out from St. Paul’s or St. James Chapel, which has on many occasions, been the gathering place of the Town Elders, where important Community issues have had to be resolved. At Royal Victoria, it becomes the event of a lifetime where lovers exchange vows in elaborate settings.

Other traders on the Square include the Fruit and Flower Market, A & Y Cumming’s Book Store, Molly’s Fashion House and Madame Pompadour’s Perfume Parlour where woman are pampered from head to toe.

Besides the Royal Victorian Dining Room and the Cafes on the Square, the other interesting eating experience is the Victorian Tea Room, where teas of every description along with anything from scrumptious scones to elegant sandwich selections are served.

The Inn on the Square boasts our very own Victorian Brew and offers a menu selection, in keeping with the traditional Tavern foods of that time. It is here that Dad is able to sip his ale and watch some sport with family and friends.

Pilkington Smythe’s Wine Cellar; with its wooded interior and breakaway rooms caters for private meetings, wine-tastings and executive think tanks.

Over and above their selection of fine meats, Jameson’s Butcher Shop will also have one of the finest Biltong Bars in the Country, offering residents and visitors alike, a wonderful selection of this South African delicacy. The quaint, old-world Theatre House and Cinema on the Square is a delightful venue for wonderful entertainment, however, it has also been designed to serve as a Corporate Presentation and Function Room.

Wandering down the cobbled streets that lead off the Square, one encounters the shop fronts (facades) of the Barber, The Blacksmith, The Cobbler, The Watchmaker and Fashion Houses of the Victorian Era. Along the way, the grandeur and splendor of authentic Victorian Architecture at its best is clearly evident … a tribute to an era when craftsmen and artisans alike, took pride in their respective skills.

The retail mix of the Square is designed to supply the town and all of its residents with a one-stop shopping destination, catering for all of their essential needs whilst on vacation at the Royal Victoria Lifestyle Estate. On weekends and peak holiday periods, a Victorian Market with its wooden carts and ‘Brookie Lace’ finishes offers residents and guests a large selection of home industry products and preserves supplied by the local community.